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What is Bareclay?

Bareclay is a working pottery/art studio where technique and creativity are nurtured. We offer pottery classes, parties and extreme JOY.  Established in 1997, Bareclay offers art to all people.

Openings still available for the Sunday Mother's Day classes! Go to the Sunday Try It menu and find the options there. Register together so your group or pair can stay together!!!

 Give the gift of CLAY, JOY and RELAXATION! 

Three ways to give a class:

1. Sign someone up and pay for it on the TAKE A CLASS page

2. Buy an E Gift card, delivered into someone's inbox on the day you choose

3. Click here for a PRINTABLE gift certificate that you can put in a card (you click here to email me the amount, I invoice you and attach the GC for you to print at home.)

Need to cancel a reservation due to COVID exposure, diagnosis or just concerns? I will make rescheduling or refunding your fees very easy for you. I ask one favor of you, PLEASE give me as much advanced notice as you can.

Update February 2021:

We are currently back on a full schedule but with smaller class capacity for maximum safety! For this reason, our classes fill up REALLY FAST. Please email me to help if you get shut out of a class, I can check for exact availability.

One more thing, if you want to sign up with someone else, SIGN UP TOGETHER. A lot of people are taking last spots and their friend gets shut out. 

Private class offerings have been added on Saturdays. We do 1:00-2:30, 3:30-5PM and 6-7:30PM each Saturday. Have the studio all to yourselves!!!

We have implemented the following for studio safety:

-Individual work stations
-Smaller class sizes
-New class times added
-Credits issued to students for cancelled classes (NEVER EXPIRE)
-Deep cleaning with approved antiviral cleaners
-Mask policy
-Control of traffic in studio (especially the sink)
-Hand sanitizer and wipes at work stations
-Frequently replaced air filters and NEW air purifier
-Open doors and FRESH AIR
-Glazes dispersed in small amounts by instructor
-And more....

Bareclay is a small place so we will be very strictly implementing social distancing practices. In short, I will be taking a break from Swayzeing you. (:))